Guided Garden Tours

From about 1875 there have been gardeners living in Bleanáskill Lodge. The oldest trees, Monterey Cypresses and Cordyline, were planted around that time. Since then every owner made their own mark on the garden, traces of which can still be found.

Nowadays the 3 acre landscaped garden, which surrounds our accommodation, is divided into several ‘rooms’: the ‘woods’ is the oldest cultivated part , with trees, hydreangeas and a pond complete with waterlilies. There are 3 different flower borders: the ‘yellow’, ‘red’ and ‘blue’ borders and hidden away in a secret place, treeferns can be found. Along the seashore are the raised beds where herbs and vegetables are grown to supply some of the restaurants in the surrounding area. In the furthest part of the garden is the polytunnel containing grape vines, kiwi fruit and tomatoes. Our nursery provides cuttings from our own plants which are sold locally.

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